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Additional Info

♦ ♦ ♦ Virginia Hunt Week ♦ ♦ ♦

  • Hunter's Rest can help plan a personalized Virginia Hunt Week vacation.
  • Plush accommodations for horse and rider. Located in the center of Old Dominion Hounds territory.
  • Old Dominion welcomes cappers Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for those who wish to stay based in one place and cap with ODH or other local hunts (there are 12!)
  • Hunter's Rest is located within hacking distance of most ODH fixtures, 10-20 miles from Rappahannock, Warrenton and Thornton Hill, 15-25 miles from Casanova, Orange County and Piedmont, 20-30 from Middleburg, Fairfax, Snickersville and Blue Ridge, 30-50 from Loudoun, Loudoun West and Keswick, 50-0 to Farmington, Colonial and Commonwealth. Valley hunts are an hour+.
  • Basic rate is $75 per night - one person, one horse. Includes stall and/or paddock plus room, most en suite. Discounts for multi-night stays.
  • For horses: Hunter's Rest has 14 box stalls available, a dozen separate turnout areas, including small paddocks. There is a wash stall; water buckets and feed tubs are in place in each stall; guests may use my horse vacuum; there is ample room for trailer parking; etc.
  • For owners: Hunter's Rest has seven rooms, most en suite. Fixed price dinners are available for $25 (soup to nuts - salad, main course, dessert, beer or wine) and to-go lunches can be packed for the road ($5.)
  • Hunter's Rest has an extensive horse and field sports library, lots of horse videos, satellite television, alarm clocks in each room, plush towels and robes, fireplace and 2 wood stoves -- all the amenities at "working horseman" prices.
  • Contact: Betsy Burke Parker (Owner/operator), 540-364-2929, betsyburkeparker@gmail.com, www.huntersrest.net.


  • Hunter’s Rest is located in lovely, historic Rappahannock County, the center of foxhunting: Four Old Dominion Hounds meets within hacking distance (others ˝ -6 miles ship) Elysian Hills – 5 miles, Commonwealth Park – 25 miles, Morven Park – 50 miles The stable has airy, 12x12, rubber-matted stalls, hot/cold wash stall, lockable tack room, storage. Bedding (bright fluffy local sawdust) is included, and farm-grown orchard grass-clover hay, first feeding, is included in overnight price. More can be purchased. There are local Co-op, Southern States, Purina and Pennfield dealers who all deliver to the farm, or Hunter’s Rest can arrange to pre-purchase your favorite feed so you don’t have to pack it. All barn supplies are available – vacuum cleaner, wash buckets, etc., so pack light. There are a dozen separate turn-out areas, 1/2 to 10 acres, for private and small group turn-out.
  • There is a 150x75 all-weather, landscaped arena with show jumps and lights, a 300x400 grass arena with show jumps and an 'outside course' and a level sandy 150x100 schooling area by the main house. Hunter’s Rest has lots of gallop fields, plus endless hacking on manicured trails and quiet dirt lanes. There is an intro-sized cross-country course in the neighborhood, plus a miniature "Aiken Line" on the farm, and there are lots of coops, stone walls, water, ditches and more.
  • Hunter’s Rest is a family-owned and -operated facility. We can offer, or arrange, instruction and training. The owner is a graduate of the U.S. Pony Clubs, former champion steeplechase jockey, nationally-ranked event rider and avid foxhunter and can help plan competition schedules and arrange events (weekday schooling hunter shows, training foxhunts, practice trail rides, cross-country schooling) We can help organize tours of local points of interest, like: National Sporting Library, Museum of Hounds and Hunting, Winmill Carriage Museum Local wineries – adjacent to Blue Ridge Wine Way (9 wineries-vineries within 15 miles) Manassas National Battlefield Park, many other Civil War sites including bivouac site here Shenandoah Park, Skyline Drive. Plus, Washington, D.C. is just 50 miles east. Call for details on human accommodations - there are many places to stay on site. Call for further information. Rates are a la carte. Call Betsy Burke Parker at (540) 364-2929 for details.

Rate Sheet

  • Barn and breakfast (single horse): $75.
  • Arrival after 1 p.m., checkout by noon. Includes bedded stall, first feeding of hay, turnout if desired, all riding privileges, use of barn equipment (wash stall, vacuum, etc.). Breakfast included.
  • Lessons or guided trail riding on Hunter’s Rest horses by owner sometimes available (must be pre-arranged): $35.
  • Extra horse/s: $25 each
  • Stall cleaning deposit: $20 each horse. Will be refunded if stalls are left as you found them (clean, tidy, mucked, swept back, hay in corner, fresh water in clean bucket). Stall cleaning can sometimes be arranged (must be pre-arranged): $10 per stall per day.
  • Deposit: 50% deposit to reserve space. Non-refundable but 100% applicable to future visits.

Lesson Rate Sheet

  • 1 private lesson, 1 + hours – Hunter’s Rest horse or private horse = $40
  • Guided trail rides = $40 each (with instruction and assistance, though with brief ‘formal’ lesson teaching – fun cross-country riding with confident leadership.)
  • Rainy day policy – we’ll still have lessons unless there is thunder and lightning. Or, if rider and instructor agree, lessons at any time can be practical in-barn study of horse health, care and horsemanship.

Hunter's Rest Training Philosophy

  • I have ridden all of my life. In fact, my mother is an A-rated horse show judge and A-rated graduate pony clubber. My father is a former champion steeplechase jockey and trainer, has upper level event horses and acts as field master for the Hillsboro Hounds. I am a graduate of the US Pony Clubs, a former champion steeplechase jockey, a nationally ranked three-day event rider, a rated horse show rider, avid foxhunter, champion trail horse competitor, licensed trainer, classically educated instructor and a lifetime rider. I have worked on the racetrack, stud farms, event stables, dressage barns, hunt yards and more, in the US, England, Ireland, France and Australia.
  • My training philosophy is derived from a lifetime spent with horses and around some of the world’s finest horsemen -- from Hall of Famers Jonathan Sheppard and Johnny Griggs to Olympic gold medalists David O'Connor and Michael Page. Riding is a privilege – horses are the most generous teachers, if we allow them to be.
  • To that end, my training makes the most of the horse’s natural instincts, our developing riding ability and sense of communication with them. Riding in the arena is certainly part of the development of the natural aids – seat, legs, hands. However, putting those tools to use and practice in a more natural setting – i.e. on the trail, on the lane, in the fields – is my best method of teaching long-lasting and solid fundamentals.
  • The word “Dressage” means “training” in French. Though not all of my students compete in Dressage shows or want to pursue the haute ecole teaching, I make full use of Dressage basics in all training for all horses (including my racehorses) and all students (including my trail riding students.) To that end, we will spend plenty of time in the arena, certainly, working on basics – giving hands, driving aids, steady leg, soft and effective seat – but we will also work on these basics OUT of the arena. Asking a horse to yield to the bit on the trail, softly requesting a half-pass or shoulder-in on the lane are just some of the things we’ll master. We will develop the half seat going up and down hill, practice collected to extended back to collected gaits over all sorts of terrain and more. Training in this manner has yielded me quantifiable results in numerous champion foxhunters, show horses and trail horses. Horses appreciate my training methods, and I think you will too.

Foxhunt Hirelings Available and Foxhunting Concierge Service

  • Hunter's Rest has hunt livery horses available. Choose from our super string of made hunters for hilltopping or first flight.
  • Rider size and experience restrictions apply, but we can accommodate most riders, and can also offer instruction and guidance (pre-hunt and in the field) as well as shipping and other assistance. and help plan everything from hunt secretary introductions, accommodations for horse and rider, shipping, hunt-day groom/trainer help, and training of horse and rider.
  • Let us help you plan your next Virginia hunting holiday .
    • Prices range from $100-$300, depending on the horse, field and fixture.
    Call for details.

Sample Hunter's Rest Camps -- Year-round for kids and adults

Horses For Sale

  • Wonderful Hunter's Rest horses always for sale: We've tried them for you - trust in our three lifetimes of experience that these are nice, quality horses well suited for their varied sports. Also, we can help find horses for specific needs. Ask us for guidance on a horse hunting trip.

Things to Do in the Hunter's Rest Area

  • Middleburg (20 miles) – Tack shops, art, antiques, grocery, gourmet shop, Glenwood Park, restaurants, pubs, more.
  • Warrenton (17 miles) – Horse Country Saddlery, shopping, boutiques, groceries, gourmet shops, wine shop, art, antiques, restaurants, pubs, county seat of government, Warrenton Horse Show Grounds, more.
  • (little) Washington (8 miles) – County seat of Rappahannock County, art, antiques, artisans, Center for the Healing Arts (massage, meditation, acupuncture, etc.), Inn at Little Washington, restaurants, more.
  • Flint Hill (4 miles) – Tack shop, gas, feed store, art, antiques, restaurants, pub.
  • Shenandoah National Park (15 miles) – Skyline Drive, hiking, climbing, restaurants, tours, Conservation Research Center, more.
  • Washington, D.C. (60 miles) – Smithsonian, more.
  • Nearby – Pick-your-own fruit and veggies (3 miles), bee farm (for honey – 100 yards), custom meats (3 miles), gourmet Chevre (goat cheeze and meat, 1 mile), veterinarian (holistic and western -- 500 yards.)

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