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Pampered Ladies' Foxhunting Clinic

[This one is all new -- its about Girl power. Its about relaxation, rest, rejuvenation, returning home feeling like a new woman.]

Proposed schedule

Thursday, March 4 -- Depart Fairwinds around 10 am. Arrive Hunter's Rest around 3-4 pm.
Light hack at 4 or 5 pm.
Tea and settle in. (Homegrown lavender tea, candied ginger scones, homegrown clover honey)
Dinner: Meat or vegetarian lasaugna, homebaked seed bread, homegrown (hopefully) arugula salad with homegrown herb viniagrette dressing, homegrown apple crumble with homemade whipped cream sauce.
After dinner: Yoga for the horsewoman. Learn stretching, relaxation, breathing techniques, flexibility exercises. Horse videos as backdrop.
Sit in massage chair, hang on inversion machine, sit in the hot tub or veg by the fireplace.

7 am: Breakfast: Homegrown egg casserole with local goat cheeze, sausages, herb biscuits, herb tea, fruit.
8 am: Morning lesson: Cross-country riding techniques and jumping. Learn some tricks of staying balanced and centered on horseback.
10 am: Mid-morning tea break: muffins and tea to go.
11 am: Choice of (already paid for) pedicure, manicure or mini-massage in Warrenton. For the pampered rider.
12 noon: Self-treat lunch at The Bistro in downtown Warrenton (or other choice by popular demand.) After, 2 hours at leisure to shop and stroll Old Town (including Horse Country Saddlery, Town Duck collectibles, etc.)
3 pm: Tour and tea at Farfelu Winery.
5 pm: Evening stables at Hunter's Rest.
7 pm: Dinner at Hunter's Rest. Chicken with sweet potatoes and Greek vegetables, (or same veggies, no chicken), brocolli with feta, salad, whole wheat baguettes, homemade ice cream sandwiches.
After dinner: Tai Chi and Aikido for the horsewoman - learn more balance poses, separation of muscle memory for better use of independent aids. Horse videos to include Melvin Poe hunting video.
Hot tub, massage chair, etc.

(Alternate Friday: May hunt with Melvin Poe at either 9 am or 1 pm, in which case, no lesson, and either move forward, or back, trip to Warrenton. Depends on his schedule and so forth.)

6 am: Breakfast: Muffins, bacon, fruit.
7 am: Get ready to hunt.
8 am: Hunt with Old Dominion Hounds (capping fee prepaid, hireling fee with Betsy prepaid, hireling fee with outside contractor NOT prepaid.)
11 am: Get ready to go to the Blue Ridge Hunt Point-to-Point races. We'll have a railside parking spot, I'll bring a picnic (fried chicken, potato salad, biscuits, cookies, drinks) and we can walk the course with a steeplechase jockey for whoever wants to.
5 pm: Return to Hunter's Rest.
6 pm: Cocktail and dinner party at HR, with special surprise guest (possibly former huntsman and professional whipper-in Arnold Towell, who will bring his hunting horn and hunt whip and teach us how to blow!)

8 am: Breakfast Homemade French bread French toast, goat sausageand apple casserole (or just apple casserole for veggies), fruit smoothies.
9 am: Hack out.
11 am: Depart Hunter's Rest with picnics for the road .

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