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Summer horse and pony clinic at Hunter’s Rest

(Use my horses or bring your own)

Proposed camp schedule -- Any Tuesday through Sunday

Tuesday. 7:30 p.m. Horse movie night at Hunter's Rest. Popcorn and-or ice cream. Get camp study materials.

Wednesday. 8 a.m. Arrive. Groom and tack up horses for ride #1. (See below for lesson plans.)
8:30 Ride. Lessons videotaped for playback.
10:30 Wash horses, clean tack.
11 Stable management lesson and-or game.
12 noon. Lunch. Horse videos during lunch (screen morning lesson).
1 p.m. Horse craft lesson or field trip (see below for selections.)
Ice cream and ready for ride #2.
2:30 Groom and tack up for ride # 2.
3 Ride (see selection below)
4:30 Wash horses, clean tack.
5 p.m. leave for home.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday are repeats of Wednesday except Saturday we'll get ready for the show instead of afternoon lessons.

Sunday Horse show. Depart around 8 a.m. Arrive half hour early to groom horses. Should be home by 4 or 5 p.m.

Morning lesson plans will include:

  • Dressage
  • Jumping gymnastics
  • Show jumping courses
  • Cross-country jumping
  • Longe line lessons
  • Quadrille rides
  • Dressage musical freestyle (create and design your own)

Afternoon lesson plans may include:

  • Polo
  • River ride
  • Trail navigation
  • Treasure hunt
  • Murder mystery ride
  • Jousting
  • Gymkhana games on horseback

Horse crafts and lessons may include:

  • How to bake horse treats
  • Horse art (how to)
  • Horse photography
  • Martial arts (how they relate to better riding position – yoga, tai chi, ai-kido, judo)
  • Teach your horse a ‘trick’
  • Learn ‘animal communication’ with your horse

Field trips may include:

  • Equine Reproductive Concepts, Amissville (mares and foals)
  • Blue Ridge Farm, Upperville (stallions, mares and foals)
  • Montpelier Station breeding farm, Orange (stallions, mares and foals)
  • Colonial Downs racetrack, Richmond (flat and steeplechase racing)
  • Equine Swim Center, Middleburg (horse swimming pool)
  • McClure Racing Stable, Middleburg (thoroughbred training center)

Stable Management lessons may include:

  • Equine diseases
  • Bandaging
  • How to take pulse, temperature, respiration
  • Feeds and nutrition
  • Parts of the horse and conformation


  • Lesson plans are a guideline that we'll work out by 1) popular vote and 2) appropriate due to weather or other conditions. Requests invited from all students.
  • It is possible that our horse show could be on Saturday instead of Sunday, in which case we'll just swap the two day's schedules.

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